ADD/ADHD “Worksheets”:

Help your child identify what thoughts, feelings & beliefs hold them back:

Identifying my Mobs

Research shows that the Anterior Cingulate acts as a balance between the Limbic system (emotions) and
Meditation, deep breathing and mudras (finger exercises with meditation) stimulate the Anterior cingulate. This inhibits anxiety, depression & calms anger. Download this exercise and have your child practice it each day.


Deep breathing is very helpful for children. Deep breathing increases nitric oxide in the body which improves lung & circulatory system, lowers anxiety, and keeps internal brain temperature in balance.

Teaching children the Emotional Freedom Technique or “Tapping” is a great tool. Combining it with music is effective as singing stimulates the anterior cingulate which keeps the limbic system (emotions) and frontal lobes (logic & reason/cognition) in balance.

EFT_Kids version_whole page

Here’s a tool to remind your child to stop and think before they make a decision:


Give your child the gift of self-regulation. ┬áHere’s a tool for them to track how they are doing:


Wonder reminders to print out/post


Print these out, laminate, cut and put on a keychain – print blank ones for your child to write on:


Great tips for Whole Family Health

Family Health 5 Easy Steps

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