Mom’s Moment


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There are so many quotes about motherhood. Here’s a gem… “God could not be everywhere, so he made mothers.”  This is so nice.  But THAT’S a lot of pressure.  God couldn’t be everywhere (which is not true….but, I digress…) but I’m SUPPOSED to be!?  But, that’s how it is with motherhood.  Not only do we believe we are supposed to be everywhere, we also believe we have to be everything to everyone – all of the time!  I’m exhausted just typing that! There is no training for this!  It is ridiculously impossible yet we get up every morning and try to make it happen and lament at night over ways in which we did NOT make it happen. Hopefully, as we entertain a new agreement with ourselves to be as kind, generous, patient and compassionate with our own beings as we are with our little seedlings we can correct or at least augment this erroneous little belief.

Thus, this section will be filled with little M&M moments (makes you want some chocolate, now doesn’t it?).  That’s the point…the little Mommy Moments are little “sweet treats” (dark chocolate for the soul, I like to say!)  for the mind, body and spirit of YOU!  Hopefully, you already have your own quiet little sanity savers, and this will add to your nourishing of your precious self.  But if not – this section will have little zen moment to remind all of us to take time for ourselves.  Which reminds me of a little analogy that we have all heard, but it seems like a good time to bring it up.  You know, when you’re on the airplane and they say to you, “If you are traveling with a little one or someone who needs your assistance (which is the TOTAL description of being a mom!), in the event of turbulence (again…a description of motherhood/parenthood) and the oxygen mask drops down from the ceiling (which doesn’t actually happen in real life – because that would totally be awesome!), please put it on yourself first.”  You heard the lady – YOU first!  Because you can’t help anyone if you are not breathing or gasping helplessly for air.  And from a mom who has seen a few kids safely navigate into adulthood…they do make it – either because of us or in spite of us…so take a deep breath…. it’s all good!  The journey of parenthood is one we take with our child.  Thus, we must learn to pace ourselves, or as I like to say, “to peace ourselves.”




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