Sample Cell Phone Contract

Cell Phone Contract


I, _______________________________acknowledge that using a cell phone is a privilege, not a right.


Expectations of ________________________________ (name of child/teen).

I will not give out my cell phone number without discussing it with my parents first.

I will not take pictures of anyone and/or post them without their permission.

I will not post or send pictures of myself that I would not send to my mom or dad.

I will not be on my phone during times I am socializing with friends or family (this includes meals!)

I will not lie about what I do on my phone, as I know that lying undermines your trust in me.

I will “retire” my phone each evening by ________ p.m. (to a place outside of my room) to be recharged and understand that at this time my phone could be checked at anytime by you.

I will not use this technology to do anything hurtful nor involve myself in the conversations of others that are hurtful.

If I have a data plan, I will not search nor view anything I wouldn’t view on a full screen in the middle of the living with Mom & Dad.


Expectations of ________________________________________________ (Mom and/or Dad)


I purchased the phone for you and am loaning it to you. 🙂  I will always know the password and if I am concerned about what is going on, I will express that to you and we will look at the phone together.

If it is lost, stolen or eaten by the dog we will work out an arrangement for you to earn money to replace it.

I agree to pay the standard monthly fee for your phone.

I will be reasonable with consequences, as I understand this is a learning experience and we will both “grow” together as you show me your ability to handle this responsibility. Oh, and remember no matter what – I love you and everything I am doing is to help you be your greatest self – now and always! 🙂


_____________________________________    Signature (Child)

_____________________________________    Signature (Parent)


Date:  ____________________________________________


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