Peaceful Parenting Programs

See Lisa & TV Show Host, Beau Rials Discuss Peaceful Parenting Programs:

Raising the Spirited Child

Three 1-hour sessions designed to:

1)   Truly Know your child (how they learn, their love language,  & which “brain” you are dealing with and when!)

2)   Nourish (“Hands-on” easy-to-implement & effective tools to create a happy, successful child through resiliency and self-efficacy).

3)   Navigate (All behavior is a language – “missed” behavior means something is missing – learning what is missing and what to do about it in simple effective steps!)

(In addition to the three 1-hour “in person or via skype” sessions, Lisa spends time planning and designing your individualized plan!)


– The Family Playbook

Eight 1-hour sessions designed to:


1)   Establish family credo & guidelines to live, work & play in harmony.

2)   Create structure (& contracts) for negotiating needs of both parents & children.

3)   Understand & interpret behaviors.

4)   Learn Problem-Solving techniques.

5)   Understand how to utilize natural consequences versus punishment.

6)   Communicate effectively & non-violently using I-Messages.

7)   Learn Active listening skills.

8)   Create a family meeting structure and “practice” new-found skills & learning to take a family “Sabbath”

(In addition to the 8 1-hour “in session” time, Lisa spends time understanding the unique needs of your family and designing a specific plan for your family!  It is optimal if at least 2 of the sessions involve the entire family!)


– Parents Survival Guide

Four 1-hour sessions designed to:


1)   Nurture a healthy pre-frontal cortex by saying “No” and setting healthy boundaries –  without using punishment or reward.

2)   Gain cooperation through mutual respect using conscious discipline.

3)   Get results using action and not just words!

4)   Work yourself out of a job – creating happy, resilient, independent, and responsible children.

(Lisa provides a working understanding of how the brain works, how you can utilize tools for cooperation, stop nagging, reminding and negotiating! )


– Can I Have Your Attention Please?

Five 1-hour sessions designed to improve focus,

attention & impulse control without medication.

1)   Neurodevelopmental assessment & exercises for improved physiological response to inattentiveness & impulsivity.

2)   Nutrition/energy medicine & science-based activities (impulse control).

3)   Give me 5 (5 specific techniques for improved focus/attention).

4)   How to set boundaries and specific techniques for your child’s specific learning style.

5)   Addressing specific issues/problem areas for your child’s unique challenges (including OCD, ADHD, Anxiety, Anger, etc.)

(In addition to the five 1-hour sessions, Lisa spends time reviewing and researching the best possible interventions for your child’s particular needs.  It is with the same research-minded tenacity she utilized in the re-meditation of her son’s autism that she will approach your child’s specific challenges!)

Call or email Lisa to schedule a 15 minute free consultation to discuss which program BEST suits the needs of YOUR child!


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