I Wonder


Here…we stop to take a moment – to wonder about it all…

I Wonder
I gaze into the perfect house,
with the perfect décor
And I wonder….
What would my life be like
without stains on the carpet
Without handprints on the walls
Without mis-matched furniture because I chose
To buy a swingset instead of new furniture.
I wonder how it would feel to sit in a room with
No visible signs of a life because it is immaculate-
A picture in a magazine.
I wonder at night, when I would sit alone
On the couch – how would that feel?
Sometimes, I think it might feel grand –
Like I am a Queen in a castle with perfectly
Arranged furniture and flowers just right
Arranged on a table.
I see the floor and it shines.
I see the pantry and everything is
Perfectly lined up.
I wonder…
Then, I settle back into my worn out couch
And I see pink and purple streaks on the floor
Remnants from a one-of-a-kind art project that
Was created mere moments ago.
I see a shoe that was cast off in a rush
To put on clickety-clack shoes –
After all, the Ball waits for no Princess.
And is that lipstick on the carpet?
Hot pink is my guess…it’s the only color
The Princess wears.
And a handprint on the wall from the
Master Chef who made mud pies outside for
A spectacular feast and forgot to wash off her hands
Before pressing against the wall.
She must serve them fresh and hot, of course.
And little wood chips scattered around.
As our little hamster adds his own fragments of color
to the canvas
I call my life.
I wonder…
How could my life ever get any fuller —
Any richer in color than at this VERY moment?
There will never be another day quite like this, when
I entertained a Princess,
Ate the most magical
Mud pies
and saw a Masterpiece in the making.
I wonder.
At the perfection
In it all.
-Lisa Smith
Mother of 5 “Masterpieces”


Sometimes, on the bumpy road of parenting, we must stop and remember why we embarked on this journey to begin with.  There’s something magical about planting a seed, nourishing it and watching it grow.  There’s magic in the making.  The question is, do we remember the magic? And…the even bigger question, are we making it?

“What am I doing wrong, master?

I plant seeds in my garden but they never come up.”
“Tell me exactly what you’re doing, “
said the Teacher.
“Well, every day I plant and water.
Then at night, I go to sleep, but in the middle of the night,
I wake up and get worried that the seeds might not be growing.
So, I go outside, dig them up and, sure enough, they’re not growing!”
“I think I understand your problem,”
said the Teacher.



“Most people see what is and never what CAN be.”
Albert Einstein

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