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Embarking on the “path to enlightenment” seemed so simple & blissful.  However, my path felt more like en-darkenment, than “light”.  The sufis say that “light” is what we KNOW about ourselves.  “Dark” is the mysterious — what we do not yet know.  As I moved along the path, I realized that I would not be heading toward the light as much as I would be finding it — within myself.  

But I discovered when the light within our own being harmonizes with the Light from our Source, it illuminates the darkened parts of ourselves so that we might reveal them, feel them, deal with them and ultimately heal them.

It is through our extremes that we know ourselves and ultimately find balance.  Embarking on a journey to the center of your soul can leave you feeling raw, vulnerable and scared.

But the difference between SCARED and SACRED is merely the exchange of two letters – A & C.  And just like the ABC’s  – the learning is in-between.  “In the “B”eing!


A strong woman knows that she has strength enoughfor the journey.  A woman of strength knows that it is in the journey that she becomes strong!


Lisa Smith was born and raised in Ohio but moved to Phoenix, AZ twenty-five years ago where she currently resides with 2 of her 5 children.  When Lisa’s son was diagnosed with autism at age 3 ½ she began a passionate quest comprised of research, education and hands-on experience and she created a program that ultimately led to the remediation of her son’s autism.  Now, at age 22 he is considered indistiguishable from his peers!  She has taken this life-learning, coupled with a Master’s Degree in Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology, a Master’s and Doctorate in Metaphysics and Transpersonal Counseling, certification in Family Effectiveness Training, and as a Neurodevelopmentalist to assist other families.  

Lisa is also a licensed, ordained minister of metaphysics and Metaphysical practitioner.

Lisa’s personal healing journey began with her son’s autism and her wisdom, knowledge and life experience gives her a unique insight to help women along their journey.  Her spiritual journey has taken her to many places – she has not only studied these concepts, she has lived them – out-loud!  Lisa’s unique style blends her metaphysical background, transpersonal counseling and Hakomi methods.  Her approach is holistic – mind, body and spirit.

Lisa hosts workshops around the country, has authored seven books and is available for private consultation.


You can reach Lisa at: or 480-208-3683

Click here for Lisa’s website for women:

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