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Monster-Proof Your Child – 

This books looks at ways of nurturing a whole child using simple and practical ideas.  It discusses the importance of authentic play, conscious parenting principles and brain development.  The concepts in this book can be utilized to foster a healthy mind, body and spirit of the developing child.

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M.O.N.S.T.E.R. Proof Your Child


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The Tao of Parenting –

This book looks at parenting through the sacred text, “The Tao te Ching”.  There are 81 verses in this sacred text and each verse is interpreted for parenting consciously.  It is about returning to a state of balancing where in “doing nothing, everything is done.”

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The Tao of Parenting
The Tao


Do Not, I Say Do NOT Think Of A

Pink Elephant

This book is for “kids of all ages” and discusses the power of our thoughts in creating our reality.  Told through the eyes of a fictitious dragon-slayer, it explains very simply how to be the “witness” to one’s thoughts and provides practical and easy ways to create a more positive and peaceful life.


Pink Elephant NEW

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Do Not, Do NOT Think of A Pink Elephant

My Brother Has Oddism:

A child’s misunderstanding about their siblings diagnosis of autism.

This book is about a child’s misinterpretation of their sibling’s diagnosis of autism. It takes you through the journey of autism from the sibling’s perspective and playfully addresses some of the challenges that they undergo. It is intended to create greater awareness in families with children of autism and to be used as a tool for the other children in the family to open up discussions about their experience.

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My Brother Has Oddism: A child’s misunderstanding of their sibling’s diagnosis of autism

Mommy, What Does Love Look Like?

This book is a Mommy & son’s journey to define (to a black & white, concrete child) what the abstract concept of love really is. Mom & son go out on a journey to capture random acts of love for the very visual child to integrate into their own experience.

Momm What Does Love Look Like

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Mommy What Does Love Look Like?

The Land of Magic

This story is about a princess who creates “magic”. She quickly learns that the world is not always accepting of “magic”. She sets out to create magic in her own way, while having to deal with the monsters inside her own head! She represents the unique part of each of us that wants to create in our own way and points us back to the truth of who we are, shows us how to stand up to “monsters” and to invite more magic into our lives.

The Land of magic

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The Land of Magic

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