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I love the movie, “Parenthood” with Steve Martin.  I particularly enjoy the scene with the roller coaster…so apropos for parenting – so many ups, downs, turned on your head moments, spins, twists, and a whole lot of squeals (both with delight and exasperation)!

But maybe parenting is more like a plane ride.  You prepare as best you can (packing), you commit to the experience (buy a ticket),  actually have a child (get on the plane), and then strap in and hope for the best.  But there are moments when the turbulence hits and those proverbial air bags that are supposed to drop down just don’t get down fast enough and who can “breathe normally” at a time like this!?  Well, as we jump on this ride together, hopefully, we will laugh, cry and delight in the perils AND pleasures of raising children.  I have learned so much from my five children.  So, I share the stories, lessons, tidbits, tips and eclectic wisdom gathered while meandering (who am I kidding? – blindly stumbling) down the precarious path called parenthood…or “Life in the Hood” as I like to call it.  But there is a better way…there is a Peaceful Path (yes, you heard me – peaceful!) to parenting.  Our children are requiring that we parent consciously, or as I like to call it – Parenting on Purpose.  I believe in the power of intention.  So, we must ask first ask ourselves how we are intending to parent?

So, buckle up, hang on tight and enjoy the ride! Oh, and the airplane “bags” in the front pocket are purely optional! 🙂



Lisa Smith – Bio (“technical version”)

Lisa Smith was born and raised in Ohio but moved to Phoenix, AZ twenty-three years ago where she currently resides with 2 of her 5 children (ages 11-29).  When Lisa’s son was diagnosed with autism at age 3 ½ she began a passionate quest comprised of research, education and hands-on experience and she created a program that ultimately led to the remediation of her son’s autism.  Now, at age 22 he is considered indistinguishable from his peers!  She has taken this life-learning, coupled with a Master’s Degree in Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology, a Master’s and Doctorate in Metaphysics, Doctorate in Transpersonal Counseling, certification in Family Effectiveness Training, and as a Neurodevelopmentalist to assist other families.  Her life mission is to share this eclectic experience and knowledge to help parents to parent consciously or “on purpose”.  She works with families of all kinds to create a business model for parenting with a program known as ESP (Effective Strategies for Parenting) and teaches CPS (Conscious Parenting Strategies) for effective parenting.  Lisa believes that all behavior is a language and teaches parents to interpret this language.  She also believes that effective strategies must incorporate the child’s mind, body and spirit to create strong efficacy and self-esteem.  These integrated practices create a whole child who is “monster-proof” for life!

Lisa hosts workshops around the country, has authored three books and is available for private consultation.

To reach Lisa, you can email her at Lisa@MonsterProofYourChild.com


Humor helps us to think out of the box.
The average child laughs about 400 times per day,
the average adult laughs only 15 times per day.
What happened to the other 385 laughs?


Lisa Smith, Ph.D. – Bio (The not-so-“technical version”)

Lisa believes that the essence of each of us is found through giggling and playing in, through and with life – every day. There is very little that cannot be solved with a hearty dose of laughter!


Her philosophy is that life is way too serious to be taken seriously!  That mud puddles are life’s way of reminding us to “jump in and get wet!”  Full moons were made for mooncakes and milk parties at the park.  Bubble gum was intended for … making bubbles that pop on your face.  Skipping is almost always the best way to “walk” anywhere and that magic exists everywhere, all the time.  No exceptions!  You  just have to look for it.  And no matter what they tell you, you can ALWAYS, ALWAYS color outside the lines!

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The game of LIFE is not just a boardgame.  It’s a real-living-color, jump in and get messy with it,
no giggle left behind experience!
Lisa likes to live like she means it and invites everyone to play along!

…Take THAT…autism diagnosis!

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