All children are pure potential. Yet many of them do not reach their fullest potential. Why is that?

As a child develops he or she begins to experience “monsters” – which are merely fears and limiting beliefs.  Some are “real monsters” – such as learning challenges, food sensitivities, and other environmental factors.  Others are “imagined monsters” – such as un-founded fears (“I can’t do it”), lack of self-esteem or lack of coping mechanisms when life becomes overwhelming.  They all get in the way of the child’s successful navigation through life.  Monster-proofing is about creating a whole and grounded child…mind, body & spirit. M.O.N.S.T.E.R. is an acronym that stands for Methods Of Nicely Silencing The Ego’s Roar. Integrating spiritual concepts (meditation, affirmation, breathing techniques and spiritual Truths) can help a child deal with imagined “fears” It is the integration of some core concepts, strategies, and everyday “seed-planting” moments to nourish the child from the inside out to create greater balance and resiliency.  It’s a holistic approach to parenting.

Children face more challenges than ever before.  Incidents of bullying that have often resulted in suicide have hit the front pages.  4.5 million kids have been diagnosed with ADHD, 1 out of 3 children are considered obese and 13% of kids are taking some form of medication.  Children are growing up with “Monsters” – in thoughts as well as the thoughts of others thrust upon them by way of insults and verbal attacks.  Indicative by the rampant affects of bullying, many children have no buffer– no sense of self-efficacy or self-esteem to protect them from these assaults.  As a society, we treat symptoms by way of medication, talk-therapy or behavioral modification but not the underlying cause.  In doing so, we tend to isolate the mind, body, and spirit.  Parents, now more than ever are seeking alternatives for creating a whole child to insulate their children or “Monster-proof” them.

Children, a subject I am passionate about, need a connection – not only to their parents but also to their own greatness.  Creating an environment where children see and experience this in everyday life prepares them for a world that can wield a lot of “monsters”.

“If every 8-year old child were taught to meditate, we could eradicate world violence in one generation.” — Dalai Lama


Happy Planting!



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